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Ádjánan guokte minuhta vázzit dohko, ja gávppis gal lea buot maid olmmoš dárbbašivččii birgežit. Muhto lea bonus maiddái! Hávskimus áhkku bargá doppe.

Mon lean dál orron gávpogis máŋga jagi, muhto mu mielas mon in leat goassege leamaš makkárge gávpotnieida. Ovdal dál; lean ožžon paraplya.

Weekend selalu berasa singkat banget. Balik jkt, malem ini inget lagi besok senin mulai lagi aktivitas weekdays nya. Berasa lagi pengen ada badai salju nya hahahahahahhhhaah..

Aku gulir sampe paling atas, paling lampau. Hp jadul aku ini hp ngehitz di jamannya loh, jadi tampilan sms nya udah bentuk chat yaa wkwkw. Convo dalem sms itu dimulai tahun 2012.

Ini ramadhan hari kedua, dan aku belom puasa. Bukan karena lagi mens tapiiii karena masih minum antibiotik. Dan alasan utama mama ga ngebolehin aku puasa dulu adalah karena aku belom buka jaitan pasca operasi ringan hari sabtu lalu.

B2C, I understand that you really feel really strongly about your situation, but be sure to acquire it down a notch (or twelve). This is definitely a difficulty on which affordable people today can disagree. There has presently been an excessive amount of invective and histrionics about this issue in its lots of incarnations through the years - a lot more of its like will likely not serve to complete something but harden hearts and inhibit open up dialogue.

Thanks for calling consideration to this situation, Rwenonah. It can be clear there has been WP:systemic bias at function listed here. The report Listing of creation myths lists various dozen generation read more tales, but pointedly doesn't listing the Judeo-Christian/Genesis stories like Genesis creation narrative (Despite the fact that Those people tales are classified under Category:Creation myths and in some instances beneath Class:Fantasy of origins, and are referred to in some destinations as "Abrahamic myths").

In ictu oculi and Person:Peter coxhead, there are several methods to phrase the question in the long run at situation right here, but is just not this one of these?

apa malah sibuk beresin sesuatu akibat dosa orang masa lalu? sekarang ini udah jadi lebih pinter dari sebelomnya apa malah ternyata mengalami kemunduran? astaghfirullaah, waktu memang selalu paling berharga setelah kita menyadari hal-hal yang baru aja kita sadarin.

Though "fantasy" can be the suitable complex time period for these types of tales, it is mostly taken in English to necessarily mean "a traditional story that's not correct" or "a extensively held but false perception".[5] Plainly This is why "myth" isn't useful for the Genesis version - lots of visitors of the encyclopedia subscribe to that version into a better or lesser diploma - but which is cultural bias.

He promises the method for selecting the London Mayor “fails the fairness and openness checks” and after that proposes tinkering With all the electoral faculty method in ways that is likely to make it fewer open up and less fair – presumably believing that doing so will favour his most popular prospect.

Gávdnen gova man ráhkadin juste ovdal mu máŋimuš fránskkagiel eksámena. Jurddášin bidjalit dan deika aman ferte bargat nu ollu.

aku suka liat dia tetep jadi auditor kan, karena emang kayanya passionnya disana dan cocok banget sama karakternya. tapi di sisi lain, aku gamauuu misal jadi auditor lagiii kemudian tugas2 luar lagii aku ditinggal -,-

* Entity names: use a typical listing of identifiers for presidency departments and also other governmental bodies. For corporations, use the Formal corporation selection as furnished by the Formal registry rather than referring to organization divisions or colloquial names.

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